Price Match Guarantee Plus $500 Off – Terms & Conditions

Price Match Guarantee:
We’ll match any licensed, insured, and bonded competitor’s written quote for comparable roofing services. Present the quote before work begins.

Additional Discount:
After matching a competitor’s quote, enjoy an extra $500 off your total roofing project cost.

Eligibility Verification:
To qualify, provide a current written estimate from a competing roofing contractor dated within 30 days of your claim. We reserve the right to verify the authenticity of the competitor’s quote.

Scope of Work Validation:
The competitor’s quote must align in materials, work scope, warranties, and conditions to be eligible. We reserve the right to assess the comparability of the quotes.

Proof Requirement:
A copy of the competitor’s estimate must be provided for thorough verification. Any discrepancies may invalidate the price match.

Local Competitors Only:
This offer is valid against local competitors within a 50-mile radius of our location. We reserve the right to reject matches with competitors located further away.

Single Use Policy:
Offer is valid for one use per household and cannot be combined with other specials or promotions. Any attempt to misuse or abuse this offer will result in disqualification.

Limited Time and Availability:
The Price Match Guarantee plus $500 off is a limited-time offer and may be withdrawn at our discretion. Availability is subject to scheduling and project capacity.

Final Decision Authority:
Our management has the final decision on all price match assessments and approvals. Any disputes will be resolved at our discretion.

Quality Assurance:
We reserve the right to refuse a price match if it compromises workmanship or material quality below our standards. Any attempts to manipulate or exploit this policy will result in disqualification from the promotion.

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